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Number Neighbor pdf is a top romance book with good ratings. This romance is an incredible read. Not only is there sexual tension and tantalizing possibility, but there are also historical elements that make this book like no other. A period piece that sweeps the reader away to another time and place. It’s contemporary romance at its best — a true story wrapped in a lovely package. Sensual, erotic, and very enticing.

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Number Neighbor—A social media game in which a person texts the phone number one digit higher or lower than their own.

After watching, stalking, obsessing over Ivy—the raven-haired beauty with eyes as green as the clinging vine she’s named after—it’s the perfect opportunity for Owen to finally speak to the woman he’s claimed as his from afar.

Gymnophobia—The fear of nudity. For Ivy, it stems from the thought of being vulnerable, whether it be physically or emotionally. It’s caused her to be alone, intimately unavailable, and the only way she feels safe is attraction she feels from a distance.

But then she receives her number neighbor’s unexpected text.

Will being open with the stranger help build her confidence enough to finally take charge of her life and go after what she wants? Or should she be worried about the man who suddenly popped into her world, the timing seeming too good to be true?

After all, in this game, one never knows who will be on the other end of the line.

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Some Reviews For Number Neighbor PDF

Everything in this review is my honest and personal opinion based on my personal experience just so we’re clear.

This was the best piece of interracial representation I’ve ever come across. I especially appreciated that I could even relate to some of the experiences and plot in the book.

I didn’t think this would be so awesome but it was. It’s a slow burn romance and really funny at times.I would happily reread this book a hundred times over. If you’re a romance fan, definitely add this to your collection!

I feel so warm and happy after finishing this book! It was such a delight from start to finish. I loved this book and never wanted it to end

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